Organix Profile-Genova

Genova Organix Comprehensive Profile Test Instructions

The Genova Organix Profile is the gold standard to test for metabolism, oxidative stress, brain health, liver function, B Vitamin absorption and methylation and gut health.  You can read about it on the Genova website here.

I use it for nearly all my Functional Medicine patients as in my opinion there is not another test that gives you so much bang for your buck.  You can look at a sample report here.

Requisition Form

  • Be sure to fill out the lab requisition form completely including insurance information.  If you have qualifying insurance the copay is $149.  Most insurance plans are eligible.
  •  You will receive 2 separate courtesy bills from Genova on yellow paper within a couple of months after you complete the test.  DO NOT PAY THIS INVOICE.  It is a good faith invoice to show the difference between your copay and what your insurance plan pays and you owe nothing as long as you have paid the copay. 
  • To check if your insurance qualifies check the Genova website here.
  • If your insurance is not covered the fee for the test is $365.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to write down the date of collection in the upper right hand corner of the requisition form.

Urine Collection

  • Complete the 1 Day Urine Collection according to the directions on the test.
  • Be sure to freeze the sample immediately and send the specimen that evening or first thing the next morning.
  • You must limit your water intake to 24 ounces of water.  I recommend eating high moisture vegetables to keep thirst at bay including cucumbers and other vegetables.