The Magic Sauce to Making Your Joints Young Again

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I work with painful joints every day.  No not the kind you smoke (although that might be kind of fun ;).  Many many people seem resigned to tolerating joint pain for the rest of their life.

I’m here to tell you that isn’t necessary.  Even if you have arthritic, degenerating joints, by following the steps below you will be moving better and have way less joint pain.

As always this blog is for informational purposes only and you should check with your doctor before beginning any supplement or exercise program.

Here’s the to do list:

  1. Tackle and eliminate chronic inflammation.
  2. Get stronger and move more to reduce pain.
  3. Add the Magic Joint Sauce to your diet.

I’m going in reverse here to make it more fun and see if you’re paying attention!

3. Add the Magic Joint Pain Sauce

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This one is easy.  It goes like this.  Fish oil (a whole bunch, like 4-6 grams per day.  That’s 4000-6000 mg for those of you who are metrically challenged).  Fish oil has been proven over and over by scientific studies to reduce pain and inflammation. If you don’t believe in science (Donald) I’m not sure what to tell you.  If you want to give yourself a brain boost make sure 2 grams of that fish oil is a high dha version.  Your brain uses dha to synthesize new tissue

Consumer oriented brands that are generally okay are Nordic Naturals and Life Extension.  I personally recommend professional brands like Integrative Therapeutics as you can verify purity testing of the oil by batch on tjoint painheir web site.  Nobody else even comes close.

Add curcumin next.  Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric.  It’s not very bioavailable in it’s natural form so you need to buy a fancy ass form of it that’s been modified to make it available for your body to absorb.  The best kinds that I’ve found are Theracurmin and Meriva.  These are patented processes that make it so you can take a lot less.

After that add some Hydrolized Beef Collagen.  Yummy sounding right?  It’s actually not that bad.  You can mix with water or throw it in a smoothie.   It’s made from the skin of cows.  I recommend that you only buy a grass fed version cause you don’t want to be eating the nasty arse (that’s British) antibiotic and gmo laden stuff.   Beef Collagen has a shitload of amino acids in it which are the building blocks of all tissue in the body.  And it’s especially good for your skin, your hair and your nails.

I generally take my collagen before bed because the amino acids (especially glycine) are really good for sleep and your body does a ton of tissue repair when your sleeping.

2. Get Stronger and move more to reduce pain

Just about the worst thing you can do if you have chronic pain is to stop moving.  Plus getting stronger will help some of the pressure off your joints.  Of course moving does put stress on your joints but it is good stress.  Just like how you get stronger by lifting weights, putting some stress on your joints keeps them operational.

Ask any Physical Therapist and they can explain all the million ways that strength and mobility help in joint function.  If you’re looking for a PT I recommend Red Hawk PT in SF.  Gina and Harvey are both incredibly knowledgable and fantastic healers.

Oh, and what I mean by moving is doing all sorts of movements.  Don’t just walk or run or do one thing.  Do alot of things.  Walk and run and crawl and play frisbee and learn how to fall and roll and skip and squat and lift and jump.  Dance and spin and do handstands and somersaults and lift heavy things and walk on tightropes.  Full bodied movement will make all your muscles really strong.   Start now.  It’s not too late.

Even if you have arthritis it’s important to keep moving.  Movement increases circulation as well as your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response by raising cortisol levels.  No, cortisol isn’t always bad.  In fact cortisol is one of the body’s premier anti-inflammatory agents.  Yeah! Kind of like that cortisone (see the resemblance?) injection you get at your doctors office.

If you’re chronically stressed and your cortisol levels are in the tank then it’s time for that six month vacation you’ve been dreaming about since you were 24.  Call me.  We can talk about this.

Don’t be a wimp.  Keep moving.  You’re life depends on it.  No joke.

1. Tackle and Eliminate Chronic Inflammation

Too many people are chronically inflamed these days.  Why?  It’s because most people are under a ton of stress coming from multiple sources.  Stress basically comes in three forms.

A. Stress from the food you eat. (dietary stress)

Yep, eating crappy food can get you inflamed and even make you die a heck of alot younger than you normally might.  But you know this already.  So make your diet less crappy.  Get rid of the following by importance.

All sugar-both refined and natural (I know I know sugar is addicting…I don’t wanna give it up either).

Alcohol (beer and wine are worse than clear spirits ’cause they have a bunch of yeast and other impurities).

Industrial Seed Oils (Canola, Corn, Vegetable etc.) If you ever eat fried food while you’re out you are likely consuming industrial seed oils.  Most of these oils are high heat and refined and highly oxidized.

Processed Food-Need I say more?  Anything that comes in a package basically is off limits.  You’re body didn’t evolve for it.

There’s a million diets out there but eating clean is eating clean and means eating real food that didn’t go through a factory before it found itself in your mouth.

I know you may not want to eat this clean but ask yourself if getting out of pain is worth it.  Maybe it isn’t worth it to you and you’d rather drown your pain with alcohol and sweets.  That’s fine.  Just know the other option is always available to you.

B. Emotional Stress

I used to think emotional stress was just stress and didn’t really have a big effect on the body.  I was super wrong about that.  It has a huge influence on us.  How?  It goes like this.  You wake up feeling stressed like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it.  You rush to take a shower, grab your coffee and get to work.  Then at work you’re overwhelmed with your never ending to do list.  You eat lunch at your desk and by the time your work day is over your’e too tired to exercise.  You go home and zone out on your phone and maybe watch some tv and then repeat it all the next day.

Guess what happens when you do that?  Well your cortisol levels go up and stay up because you never really give yourself the space to have a real relaxation response.  After a while of having high cortisol your brain (which is way smarter than you think) begins to down regulate cortisol production because it knows that you will need the cortisol if you accidentally run into a saber tooth tiger walking to work the next day!

After months and years of this your cortisol is in the tank at a very low level and you’re body can no longer resolve basic inflammation.  So now when you injure your knee or your hip it just stays inflamed at a very low level.

Emotional stress leads to physical stress.  So start doing things that lower your emotional stress. Go for nature walks, make love, meditate, do some deep breathing, play with your kids.  Make sure you do some of that every freaking day.

C. Physical and Inflammatory Stress

Physiological stress can also come from inflammation that’s already hanging out in the body.  This can be from past injuries or disease processes that are already happening in the body.

Thinks like oxidative stress, leaky gut or autoimmune conditions can wreak havoc on the body making a bad situation even worse.  These conditions pump out pro-inflammatory agents that cause the immune system to go on high alert.  With the immune system on high alert the body doesn’t get a chance to relax, cool down and resolve some the minor inflammatory issues that are happening.  We use the Organix profile from to get a baseline on oxidative stress, gut problems and metabolic disorders.

If you have any persistent medical conditions that warrant treatment there is a darn good chance they are getting in the way of other injuries, irritations and inflammations.

Deal with that stuff.  Your body will say “thank you (insert your name here).”

Okay that’s it.  There’s the recipe for healthy happy joints that will keep you moving for a long long time.  Say goodbye to joint pain.

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