How to Drink this July 4 and Avoid a Hangover

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I can be a little bit of a health nazi on occasion but sometimes even I like to have a few drinks.  The downside is that I’m a lightweight and I usually feel less than optimal the next morning.   As it turns out there is a way to drink and not suffer the consequences of a hangover.  All you need to do is spend a few bucks on some supplements.  I’ve tried the following formula and it works well.  And yes, you still get a buzz, you just don’t feel like crap afterward.

Take the following with every drink:

After each drink:

  • 500 mg Activated Charcoal (with beer and wine) or if you are drinking hard alcohol take 4-6 capsules when you’re finished drinking.

At the very end:

  • 1000 mg Milk Thistle

The above formula is a modified version of a combination of supplements detailed by Steve Fowkes and Dave Asprey.  I’ve tried several different versions of the formula along with other supplements and found that this one works best for me.

How Does it Work?

When you drink alcohol the ethanol is absorbed through your intestines and goes into your bloodstream.  The alcohol then gets metabolized by the Liver via several enzymes.  Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) converts the alcohol into acetaldehyde (kind of like formaldehyde)  which is a potent toxin that makes you feel like a junkyard the next day.  When you consume more than a drink or two the metabolic process that converts the aldehydes into acetate gets overwhelmed which leaves leftover aldehydes in the body.  The Vitamin C and the Cysteine block the un-metabolized aldehydes from cross linking (doing damage).

The Alpha Lipoic Acid and the Vitamin B-1 are sulphur containing nutrients that quickly become depleted when drinking.  The activated charcoal helps to “mop up” any toxic metabolites and the Milk Thistle helps to restore normal liver enzyme function.

There are many commercial supplements and even drinks available that help to prevent hangovers.  Many of them contain similar ingredients to the formula I outlined above.  The only one I have used is made by a company called nutri-dyn and though it seems to work the dosages I outlined above work better for me.  A quick search on Amazon will reveal several.

Hard alcohol is the cleanest when compared to beer and wine which have several metabolites of fermentation. These metabolites can be slightly toxic.  Alcohol preference should be none, hard alcohol, wine and beer in that order.

Please be mindful of alcohol intake as it is a potent intoxicant.  Always drink plenty of water to insure you stay hydrated.  And remember to never operate a motor vehicle, airplane or spaceship when drinking.  Have a great 4th.


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