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Health Tech Forum: How tech will change our health

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The Intersection of health and technology I just returned from the Health Tech Forum (HTF) meetup in Menlo Park. HTF is a group dedicated to promoting access to health care through the adoption of new and innovative technologies. I attended for two reasons. First, as an integrative physician I am constantly looking for new tools to utilize in my practice. Secondly, I am partners in a startup dedicated to completely changing the way we interact with our own health. I’ll report more on that soon but the preliminary name is Evoq Paleo Health. November 20th was a “Startup Thursday”...

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30 Day Heartmath Meditation Challenge

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Yesterday was the final day of my 30 day Heartmath meditation challenge and despite technically missing one day, I am declaring this experiment a massive success! I didn’t tell anyone about it beforehand, I just decided to do it.  The challenge was to meditate for 20 minutes per day for 30 consecutive days using the Heartmath EM Wave 2 or the Heart Math Inner Balance App for the Iphone. Heartmath has a suite of biofeedback devices that measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which is the variation in the time interval between heartbeats.  In general the greater an individual’s HRV the...

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