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Knee Pain Part I: The Anterior (Front) Knee

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Knee pain can be a real pain, especially if you’re super active and depend on your knees to stay in shape and have fun.  Before you get panicky and start worrying about surgery or continue to exercise on a knee that could be damaged by further activity it’s a good idea to get a proper assessment.  This post will cover the most common and treatable injuries of the anterior (front) part of the knee to be followed by later posts covering the lateral, medial, and posterior portions. Begin by identifying the exact area of the pain and the activity associated with aggravation of the injured...

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The Amazing Benefits of Bone Broth: Recipe Included

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I have recently started making bone broth and drinking it in the morning.  What is bone broth you ask?  It’s really just a soup stock made from animal bones.  However it provides our bodies with an amazing array beneficial nutrients including collagen, gelatin,glycine, proline, calcium, magnesium, glucosamines, chondroitin, marrow, and trace minerals found in the bones.  Plus it makes a great stock for curries, soups, and any other recipes that call for stock. People who suffer from joint conditions and other chronic diseases such as leaky gut may benefit from regular intake of bone...

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