Jonah Larkin L.Ac.  (Licensed Acupuncturist), and Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM)

Jonah Larkin L.Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist.

Jonah Larkin L.Ac. MSTCM

  • My goal is to help you achieve vibrant health.  This means living pain free, vital and with purpose.
  • Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in the state of California and a designated Primary Care Provider (PCP).
  • I am constantly about Physiology, Psychology and Spirituality.  Each of these topics inform my practice.
  • I am athlete and I LOVE to play.  I surf.  I run.  I practice Taichi.  I swim. I do pushups.  I play soccer.
  • I meditate daily.
  • I eat a Paleo oriented diet.
  • I work in a comprehensive and integrative manner.   This means I have a team of colleagues behind me  including three MD’s, Psychologists, Nurses, a Nutritionist and a  Naturopath.  I have worked with hundreds of clients to move them from illness to true vitality.
  • I am a writer.  I blog.  I believe the written word can be transformational.
  • I am a student.  I am constantly striving to learn more about the body and the mind.

My Purpose

I do this work because I know deep inside that each of us has an innate and unbound capability for self healing.  Sometimes our bodies and minds need a little help in this regard.  This is where I come in.

I believe that true vitality is not found in any medicine, any treatment, any magazine, any food, exercise or guru.  Vitality is found by discovering and living in our authentic nature.  This is our birthright.

I help you to understand how your own body, your own mind and your own spirit works so that you can live the life you are meant to live.

Find me

At the beach.  On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the Well Clinic, and Mind Body Green.


I received a four year Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM) from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine here in San Francisco and have a License in Acupuncture from the California State Acupuncture Board. I have also spent hundreds if not thousands of hours with mentors in this field who are some of the best in the business.  I continue to educate myself with the best practitioners in the field of Acupuncture, Psychology, and medicine.


I grew up playing many sports including soccer, baseball, basketball and surfing.   Before becoming an Acupuncturist I was an entrepreneur with years of business experience, both successful and unsuccessful I might add!  When I’m not working I can be found surfing, running, swimming, playing hard, being lazy, doing martial arts and making kimchi.